We are currently busy evaluating the first two-year-period of our research. As part of the dissemination we are preparing an exhibition and an extended live-version of our online-performance „On The Deep Surface I Swim Like A Fish Cathching The Mirror Of The Stars“ which premiered in 2021 on the German Anthropology Association’s annual conference „World Zones Atmospheres – Seismographies of the Anthropocene“.

Take a look at our core performances:

Lecture Performance – On The Deep Surface I Swim Like A Fish Catching The Mirror Of The Stars

She crossed the desert. She could not remember how long she had already been here. She was hungry, she was thirsty. And she was burning. Within her burned a fire, hotter than the ember of the desert. Her whole spirit was blazing and we can´t tell or be sure she still knew where she was or how she came here. I am pretty sure she did not even know who she was. She was that fire, this ever blazing flame, consuming everything. She was those pictures rising from her memories, pictures rising within the glow of the fire just to sink back into it. Fire pictures, crackling, unbearably hot, burning pictures.She just walked on, without destination. And still, she had one, the fire inside of her knew the only true destination and she would walk until she reached it. But right now, she did not know, she knew nothing, just that she had to keep on walking and so she did, the scorching heat falling down on her“

Fotos @Frederik Kinbom

Where and When:

DGSKA Conference World Zones Atmospheres – Seismographies of the Anthropocene Premiere: 27.09. – 01.10.2021 in Bremen – online, we currently are preparing a live-format of the show.

Trigger Warning!! 

The Performance Collective Owdnegrin explores the possibilities of artistic research, art and anthropology to address the effects of slow violence using the example of sexualized violence during childhood. The public discourse around that topic often addresses the traumatic experiences itself, while the long term consequences remain hidden from society’s consciousness. Missing practices to communicate and interact with affected persons and the overwhelming brutality of the topic itself often lead to re-traumatizing situations that perpetuate the experienced violence on a social level. Victim and single perpetrator narratives do not reveal the structural and institutional conditions in which personal experiences are embedded and which continually affect people. 
Art is a tool to disseminate knowledge and to create spaces in which meaningful encounters can take place and influence the discourse. The performance addresses the traces of trauma, resilience and everything in between that are so deeply inscribed into the body that words remain silent.

„Hear me to feel me“ – Audio Installation

Can you feel what I feel? How can I reach the place where you have always been alone? How can I show you what nobody ever wants to see? Can you be a body for me? Who am I when I see you? Where does your fear go when you are not alone any more?

The installation invites the audience to witness and join our research at the same time. „Hear me to feel me“ aims to explore the thin line between trauma and resilience. It is a pleading for empathy and involvement. Intimate, courageous and fragile.

In cooperation with Regina José Galindo

Where and when:

The premiere premiered on 22nd of August 2021 Galeria Futura, Berlin. Thank you all for attending.

New dates will follow.