„On the deep surface I swim like a fish catching the mirrors of the stars“

DGSKA (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie) CONFERENCE WORLD ZONES ATMOSPHERES – Seismographies of the Anthropocene 27.09.-01.10.2021 in Bremen

LAB – Bearing Witness to Slow Violence’s Atmospheres convened by Ferdiansyah Thajib (Kunci Study Forum & Collective), Thomas Stodulka (FU Berlin)

The Performance Collective Owdnegrin explores the possibilities of artistic research, art and anthropology to address the effects of slow violence using the example of sexualized violence during childhood. The public discourse around that topic often addresses the traumatic experiences itself, while the long-term consequences remain hidden from society´s consciousness. Missing practices to communicate and interact with affected persons and the overwhelming brutality of the topic itself often lead to re-traumatizing situations that perpetuate the experienced violence on a social level. Victim and single perpetrator narratives do not reveal the structural and institutional conditions in which personal experiences are embedded and which continually affect people. Art is a tool to disseminate knowledge and to create spaces in which meaningful encounters can take place and influence the discourse. The performance addresses the traces of trauma, resilience and everything in between that are so deeply inscribed into the body that words remain silent.

Collaborating artists: Jenny Fitz (Director of Photography), Fredrik Kinbom (Audio Engineering)



„Hear me to feel me“ 

Embodied Audio Installation.  25th of April 2021 and 22nd of August 2021 at Alpha Nova Galerie Futura in Berlin Kreuzberg.


Hear me to feel me – Embodied Audio Installation

*Trigger Warning Sexualized Violence*

Can you feel what I feel? How can I reach the place where you have always been alone? How can I show you what nobody ever wants to see? Can you be a body for me? Who am I when I see you? Where does your fear go when you are not alone anymore?

Jeanne Rohleder and Sonja Keßner are two Berlin based artists and anthropologists. With their artistic research and performance project “Owdnegrin” they investigate the phenomenon of sexualized violence and sexualized violence during childhood and its political implications, zoom in on trauma and resilience and the transformative possibilities of its artistic progression.

The emodied audio installation Hear me to feel me invites the audience to witness and join their research at the same time. The work aims to explore the thin line between trauma and resilience. It is a pleading for empathy and involvement. Intimate, courageous and fragile.

The sign was produced in cooperation with Regina José Galindo

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„Staging Trauma and Resilience“

Workshop for artists and researchers at Stockholm University of the Arts.

Conducted in October 2020.




„Three little Pieces“

Immersive performance for intimate audiences. Performed in summer 2020.




„Corona LockBooks“

Artistic Response Project

Associative video works about structural violence, developed during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Find more videos on our youtube channel.



„Art as Activism“

„Ascriptions“ – performed during the demonstration of the International Women’s day in march 2019.



„Sharing with Friends“

In our studio research we work with diaries, objects and movement improvisation. We regularly share our findings with other artists and researchers.

You can get some impressions here: